S J Seymour

Everyone is unique, but we are all infinitely more alike than we are different.

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Slim Target

In this multi-layered tale of international surveillance, one of America's favorite financial television journalists has an inexplicable string of bad luck. Biz Andrews feels certain someone is stalking her, but can't imagine the reason. As she searches her romantic and family history for clues, Biz must re-evaluate her career and even her basic philosophies. Her emotional journey forces her to contemplate life's eternal question: How much control does she truly have over her ultimate destiny? Involved in a web of complex intrigue, no one realizes Biz is in danger until it's too late. She is unable to discover the truth until a series of unfortunate events leaves her alone, vulnerable, and powerless. Who will save her when she finds herself in mortal peril?

Finer Spirits

A mysterious illness robs gifted history professor Archie Whelan of his beloved wife. Not long after, a suspicious cascade of events tears aspiring artist Elaina Gordon away from her physicist husband. Both struggle to understand why their lives have been torn asunder, and together, they begin to connect the events that led to each tragedy. Using scientific breakthroughs and their own ingenuity, they uncover a trail of secrets more corrupt than they could have possibly imagined. But their actions have been noticed. To find the answers they need, Archie and Elaina must navigate an increasingly perilous path. Will they have time to discover who is behind these acts of calculated cruelty before they become victims?